Quick answers to the most common questions

Is this an application I must download to my smartphone?
No, there is no downloading required to receive alert warnings. You will receive alerts as a text message. Congress has pushed for a ban on smartphone applications. Text alerts warnings are currently the only legal means available in most most states.

Our website will also work natively and conveniently in your smartphone's browser, and there are interactive maps of known and reported checkpoint locations.
How does Text Messaging Service work?
Once you choose a subscription plan, we will enter your information into our system based upon locations of your choosing. When we become aware of a scheduled DUI checkpoint within the chosen radius you will receive a text message stating the general or exact location.

If you're traveling, you can set up multiple zip codes for ready access to information wherever you go, even on the fly.
When I search for checkpoints online after entering my zip code, nothing is listed.
This indicates there are no known checkpoints in the radius of that particular zip code.
Can I change my information such as zip code, phone number and radius?
Yes, you may log into your account and change your personal information by clicking the upper menu bar labeled "Edit Details". This will automatically update in our system.
What is the cost for this service?
You will have to subscribe to our service on a month-to-month or yearly plan to continue receiving checkpoint alerts. The cost per plan is $3.95 monthly, $7.95 quarterly or $25.95 yearly. If you're paying with PayPal, you can get our service for $2 per month!
How do I cancel my subscription and confirm my credit card will no longer be billed?
Log into your account, then you will find "Cancel Subscription" within the "Payments" section. You will receive an email from us that confirms your cancellation and no future bill will occur.
How do I register?
Simply click on the “Subscribe” button to the top of the home page, or choose a plan from the bottom of the home page, or click "Sign Up/Login" at the top of each page and follow the "Register" link. The form will ask for some essential personal information.
Can I pay by check?
No, unfortunately we do not accept checks any longer. We only accept payments from PayPal and major credit cards through a system called Stripe.
Will DUI Alerts sell my email address and phone number?
DUI Alerts values personal privacy and civil liberties. Under no circumstances will we give away, sell, or otherwise redistribute to any third party your personal information. DUI Alerts collects a minimal amount of information, which is required to provide the alert service. This information is securely stored within our database.
Do I need to have a cell phone to use this service?
Yes, you must have a cell phone and have text messaging (SMS) capabilities active with your cell phone carrier to receive checkpoint notification alerts within your area. Standard carrier text messaging rates apply.

You can also visit the site in your mobile browser to view a list of known checkpoints in your area(s), and make changes to your account and profile when you're on the go.
How does DUI Alerts obtain the checkpoint location?
We work hard each day to accurately obtain this difficult information. We search police press releases and rely on local and state police agencies that report alert announcements directly to us via fax or phone call. Our subscribers may report checkpoints as well.
Will I receive the exact location the checkpoint is being held?
Yes, when possible we provide the exact location the checkpoint is being held that evening, but in many cases, police departments will not release any information regarding their checkpoints in an effort to stop more would-be impaired drivers. When this happens we try to provide as much information as possible, such as county, city and a general area the checkpoint will be held.
Why haven't I received any messages regarding checkpoints since I signed up?
You may go weeks or even months without any notices. Counties find that sobriety checkpoints are very costly and require a lot of overtime man-power to operate successfully. Some agencies may not ever conduct checkpoints, while others may find it very beneficial to conduct checkpoints often. It depends on your location and the time of year. Holidays tend to increase checkpoint activity.

If you feel there may be an error in the information on file, log in to your account to verify the zip codes, phone number, and account status.
There was a checkpoint in my community last week, how come I wasn't alerted?
The most reliable means used to gather scheduled checkpoint locations is through press release media. Though the Supreme Court in 1998 recommended that agencies should notify the public in advance regarding scheduled checkpoint, this is far from reality. Most agencies never release any information, therefore we have no knowledge as to the whereabouts of these locations. We ask for the members to report checkpoints online when possible.
When will I receive alert message?
We send alerts to checkpoints we know of ahead of time usually the day before they are to take place, though they can be sent the day of. We send alerts for active checkpoints that are reported to us immediately.
What is Roving Locations?
Traveling checkpoints without any clear destination as to where they might setup. Police may set up an operation for only 1 or 2 hours then pack up and head to a busier location. We are provided very limited information in these cases.
What is meant by Undisclosed Location?
Police agencies often will not release any information regarding their scheduled checkpoint, other than the day and general area it will happen.
How do I update my cell phone number or email address?
To update your subscription information, log into your account, and click on "Profile".
If I report a checkpoint, what information do I need?
You will be asked to provide the following (if applicable):